Sunday, February 24, 2019

Skilled Workers Recruiting to Foreign Country

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What we do ;

We recruit trained and experienced workers.We trained all the workers individually that can help you to grow your business quickly ,increase productivity save time and money.At SMEC our recruitment team will in close partnership with you to understand your business needs make tailor made recruitment solution.Our highly skilled team of revruiters and professional stuff has board light industrial industry experience.So they know how is the industrial leaders in the field. So we can find the best and finest one for your organization.Our recruiting technique ,methodology ,philosophy and training process are the highest standards in the sector .For this reason we are able to screen the best candidates who are really significant for your organization  .

We recruit and staffs executive,management,administration,chef,Factory labor, teachers.We recruit seasonal agricultural workers .We also offer long time,short time contract based employee and provide a long time full range of recruiting HR services .

We are recruiting workers from all over the world mostly from Bangladesh,India,Nepal,Thailand,Philippines,Malaysia . We have partners in this countries .

We regularly recruiting :

1.Building Cleaning workers 
2.Cleaning personnel 
3. Agricultural workers
4. Seasonal workers
5. Chef
6.Industrial workers
7. Construction sector
8. Painter
9. Carpenter 
10. Welder
11. Sheet Metal Workers
12. Maintenance technician 
13. Driver
14.  Waiter
15. Hotel staffs 
16. Security Guard
17. Tour Guide
18. Doctors 
19.  Engineer 
20. Tiles Technician 
21. Electrician
22. Graphics Designer
23. Computer operator 
24. Old / Baby Caregiver
25. Thai Spa staff
26. Networking Engineer
27. On demand employee 

if you are interested to work with us or want to demand employees .Please write to us.

Skilled Training & Language Training :

We are partnered with many business organizations , we send our applicants/workers for a compulsory one or three months internee on a specific job if its necessary .So our applicants always get practical knowledge to work in future. As we give the recruit service to many different countries , we teach them languages , we mostly teach English,Arabic,Russian,Finish,Japanese and Korean languages . So that our applicants are 98%  success in their job field.
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